Banjos for Babes, Volume 1


  1. 1. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes - The classic introduction to human anatomy.  A couple extra verses have been added for  additional study.  Hand motions not included.

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar

  1. 2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Eency Weency’s long lost twin continues his sisyphean quest to conquer the water spout, and then turns his attention towards scaling the bathroom wall.

     Jules - intro vocals

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar, spoons

  1. 3. Grandfather’s Clock - This was my personal favorite when I was 3 years old, though in my own sanitized version the old man and his clock continued to live in eternity.

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar

  1. 4. Camptown Races - Stephen Foster’s classic.  Hopefully you’ll be singing this one all the doo da day.

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar

  1. 5. Bingo - A special thanks to Party City for their excellent selection of finely crafted noisemakers.  And yes, that’s an E minor chord in there, because I think Bingo is a more complicated dog than he gets credit for.

     Jules - vocals, various noisemakers

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar, jaw harp, spoons, steel drum, accordion

  1. 6. Old Dan Tucker - still up to his shenanigans.

    Uncle Rob - guitar, intro vocal

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo

  1. 7. Coke Oven March - I picked up this tune from a Doc Boggs recording, and he apparently adapted the melody from a music box.  Its always sounded like the perfect children’s song to me.  So even though it isn’t technically a “classic”, I think it should be.   

     Josh - old-time fingerstyle banjo, guitar, thumb piano, harmonica

  1. 8. Workin’ on the Railroad - It has become tradition in our household to begin this song a bit slow, and then ramp up the tempo on the second rendition...reckless abandon ensues.  Childproofing your listening area is recommended.

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, guitar, spoons

  1. 9. Crawdad Hole - Before grabbing our lines and poles, Jules and I have a brief philosophical discussion on the nature of the crawdad.

     Jules - curiosity

     Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, guitar

  1. 10. Turkey in the Straw - Long before our ears were ever hanging low, this incongruous song about life on the farm was penned.

       Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar

  1. 11. Clementine - The classic folk song about love lost and regained.  And shoe sizes.

       Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, 3 finger banjo, guitar

  1. 12. Home Sweet Home - Little did Sir Henry Bishop know when he wrote this melody in 1821 it would one day be played by banjoists the world   over.  They say on a quiet night he can still be heard turning over in his grave.

      Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, fingerstyle banjo (country blues style)

  1. 13. Needle Case - Okay, so this tune from the old-time music tradition may not technically be a “classic” either, but I find it soothing for sleepy  heads.

      Josh - old-time fingerstyle banjo, clawhammer banjola

  1. 14. Old Kentucky Home - A soporific rendition of Stephen Foster’s homage to the bluegrass state.

       Josh - vocals, clawhammer banjo, guitar

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All songs public domain

Arrangements and additional lyrics on “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” and “itsy bitsy spider” by Josh Turknett

Recorded and mixed at Storygoround studios

Mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow

copyright Storygoround 2009